Trump: Death Penalty for Drug Dealers in Response to Opioid Crisis; Plants: Death to the Pharmaceutical Industry

(UPDATE: I should have written more about the Rockefeller allopathy scam. This is easy to find information about on google but here is a nice video detailing much of it. If people only knew how horrendous the medical industry is at providing health care and how cheaply we can attain great health, well, people would run from the Rockefeller doctor and never look back. Sigh. )

(UPDATE:  Jonas Alexis at Veterans Today has come to the same conclusion as myself about this issue which is obvious. He has done a good job detailing the real crime being played out. He doesn’t talk about synthetic drugs which may be just as bad across the board, not just synthetic opioids, as the illegal heroin trade. Medical deaths are the third leading cause of death in the United States according to Jon Rappoport. Link to Jonas’ article: )

There are some things seriously wrong with the President calling for the death penalty for drug dealers.  The first of which is obvious. Free trade!  He wants to kill people for doing commerce?  I would laugh, but I’m pretty sure he is being serious. What people put in their bodies and where they get it is none of the President’s business, at all.  What is the President’s business, however, is the “war” in Afghanistan which is working on its 18th year.  One might ask what on Earth could keep the supposed-to-be strongest and most high-tech military ever assembled with satellites that could find a cockroach in the Amazon in basically a 3rd world country for so long?  The answer is Opium, the stuff you make heroin from.  Perhaps the President should check into what his military is doing there?  Maybe he knows and has a role in the CIA drug running operation(below), maybe he doesn’t.  Either way, calling for the Death Penalty for people simply doing commerce, aka free trade, which the President claims to hold so close to his heart, is completely ludicrous.  The President can’t even spell free trade, the drug war is a joke, and the laws against plants and substances people wish to put in their bodies are useless if not heinous.

This link is a picture of the Opium fields of Afghanistan from CBS News website.  I have not read the article, but I think it is safe to assume they are going to leave out this:  What this article (with video included) suggests is that the American government is involved with drug running and using the money to keep the ridiculously criminal status quo in Washington.  It is very well documented that the CIA is heavily involved.  Even Wikipedia, which is not a reliable source of information when it comes to the worst criminal activity because it can be, and is, easily edited (read cleaned) to give a false impression. Wiki says this topic remains controversial.  It isn’t. This is very well documented. Here is an example:  A simple google search gives tons more evidence.

I guess the death penalty for drug dealers isn’t all bad. Look how many people we could clean from the swamp that Trump is currently re-populating with worse monsters! But I digress.  The complete lack of knowledge in the American people and the belief in the fantasy the medical cartel puts on that they are somehow the most advanced form of healing on Earth is the real problem with “opioids” and the 1,500 other drugs approved by the FDA for use. This is worse than the CIA running heroine to the people the CIA is supposed to protect, I believe because if people understood what is possible with far cheaper natural remedies they would never step foot in a hospital.  Hard to imagine, but I say its true.

I’ve covered the plant-based aspect of the heroin problem, but what about synthetics made by the pharmaceutical companies?  How about the death penalty for them too?  I doubt the President would agree.  And the sad part about it is if opium were legalized and used properly you would never have a need for synthetics in the first place.  In fact, the whole Rockefeller allopathic medical cartel along with the pharmaceutical industry can rot in hell as far I’m concerned because if plants were studied and used correctly there would be no illness to speak of!  I’m talking about Alchemy, Spagyrics, Homeopathy.  These are true healers, not symptom suppressors, and when used correctly not only heal the body when you are sick, but can optimize the body on a deep physical, emotional, and spiritual level.  No pill pushing doctors are aware of this.  What a shit profession!  God bless the good hearts and souls of people in this industry, but they are by and large quacks.  They know zero about healing, only symptom suppression, and they destroy far more people’s health than not.  But it is not all their fault.  The populace is generally ignorant enough and brainwashed sufficiently enough that the medical cartel has got them to use the ultimate bio-weapon against THEMSELVES lolol.  That would be vaccines.  The whole vaccine industry is a heinous crime scandal, as is oncology, and this is all VERY WELL documented as well with a wide range of studies and anecdotal evidence from doctors and patients.  But it may not get better soon as the FDA is going so far as to trying to make Homeopathy illegal and this is some of the best medicine out there.  Spagyrics is even better!

So, the contrast in what people believe and what is actually true is EXTREMELY vast.  This is partially because spirituality and health have a huge cross-over, but you won’t find this anywhere in the education system, in a hospital, in a church, at the police station, the fire dept. and especially not in any of the government alphabet agencies designed specifically to control the money flow in this industry and the very information that can bring us all into well-being for pennies on the dollar.  It is a very long discourse to cite and explain the scope of what I’m talking about, but I’m not writing a book.  Not today.  I’ll just say this.  Rockefeller medicine, aka allopathy, and everything that comes with it including synthetic pills, vaccines, and oncology, is a complete sham.  Plants and minerals (Homeopathy, Spagyrics, elements) and a decent amount of physical activity can cure basically anything in the vaccine and oncology arena, and truly optimize your body and bring spiritual clarity.  Clean water and organic diet on top of this will keep you in tip-top shape. This subject is deep and well studied. It is unfortunate how much suffering we inflict on ourselves with ignorance of the truth.


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