Time Magazine accidentally reveals greater autism fraud

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Time Magazine accidentally reveals greater autism fraud

by Jon Rappoport

September 2, 2014


Time Magazine (8/28) is covering the ongoing CDC whistleblower scandal. (“Whistleblower Claims CDC Covered Up Data Showing Vaccine-Autism Link,” by Alice Park)

In one piece of one sentence, without meaning to, the article blows another hole in the 2004 study that whistleblower William Thompson exposed as a fraud.

A hole beyond what Thompson has admitted to in his public mea culpa statement of August 27th.

What Time Magazine revealed demonstrates that the entire study is based on a lie.

Here is the sentence-fragment from the Time article:

“Now one of the authors of a 2004 study that found similar vaccination rates among children with and without autism…”

There it is. For people who can see it.

According to conventional medical researchers, demonstrating that children with and without autism have similar vaccine rates means: vaccines couldn’t…

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